HIE blue/green symbol eHealth Consulting Services

HIE’s technology solutions work for primary care because we understand health care and general practice and have a strong vision for eHealth as an enabler of better health outcomes for the community.

HIE shares this understanding and expertise with clients through our Consulting Services.

We provide a range of consulting services, including:

  • eHealth strategy
  • eHealth governance
  • eHealth system design
  • High level negotiations/discussions
  • Program Co-ordination
  • Project management
  • eHealth technical design and solutions
  • Program implementation
  • System audit
  • Gating processes
  • eHealth marketing and communications
  • eHealth documentation (plans/proposals/evaluations)

These services can be procured independently, or as a package to suit the client’s requirements. We can work remotely, or within your team, on a short or medium term basis.

Doctor talking to patient